“Coralie” Carbon Project

Carbon Farming, Far North Queensland


Carbon project background

“Coralie Station”, just 40km outside of Croydon in Queensland’s far north, is a property owned by Upscale Carbon’s sister company, Upscale Farmland Fund. This 68,400-hectare grazing property runs a Brahman breeder herd and supports a registered carbon project focused on regenerating native vegetation. 

We bought this property in 2018 and it had the beginnings of a carbon farming project. We wanted more out of our experience with carbon developers and for that reason, we set about creating our own company, Upscale Carbon.

About the project  

To be eligible for a carbon project, we needed to prove that we would implement “additional” activities that allow trees to regenerate across the property.

In the case of “Coralie Station” we have built several new dams and watering points, and have constructed hundreds of kilometres of fencing to more evenly distribute grazing pressure, thereby allowing trees to regenerate.

Over the lifetime of the project (25 years), we expect to receive in the vicinity of 250,000 ACCUs (carbon credits).

Interested in finding out more about this project? 

Reach out to us today to discuss the finer details of the Coralie Carbon project.